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TMA's technology breakthrough has allowed the company to develop a revolutionary vertical axis turbine for commercial entry in the fastest-growing segment of the global energy market, wind power. Global wind power growth has averaged over 30% per year for the past 6 years. This growth coupled with ever increasing costs of fossil fuels, increasing sensitivity regarding the killing of Federally Protected Avian Species, and major global warming concerns will allow TMA's wind turbine, with its leading edge technology, to be extremely successful in the world.


The TMA turbine offers substantial advantages over conventional propeller-style wind turbines such as functionality, ease of maintenance and operation, lack of electronic interference, no ground resonance, a more acceptable profile, quieter in operation, and NO BIRD or BAT KILLS. Various TMA turbines have been in operation for over 8 years without causing any avian mortalities.


During 2004/2005, we had tremendous success in improving the aerodynamic performance and efficiency of our turbine. A more efficient turbine means a smaller and less costly commercial unit. The results of TMA's unique, three-tiered approach to evaluating the performance characteristics of our turbine were a resounding success. We have increased the efficiency of our wind tunnel prototypes from 21% to 45% throughout the entire power curve.


(CCP Wind Engineering Consultants verification)
The conclusions derived from the Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind Tunnel Testing, and Field studies of the existing turbines have confirmed the capabilities of the design and validated the scalability for larger turbine units up to 1Megawatt. This has enabled TMA to define the power performance characteristics giving TMA turbines a power curve that is comparable to some of the best propeller turbines being utilized today.

TMA is developing high profile relationships with various corporations regarding the licensing and manufacturing of our products both nationally and internationally. We have refined programs to protect our intellectual property for our current designs and future applications. TMA has now been issued patents both nationally and internationally. We continue to focus our efforts on activites that will verify the performance and reliability of our technology while bringing it to the global commercial market. Our major objective for 2006 is to consummate product sales to governments, wind farm project developers, and individuals of TMA's commercial sized turbines from 5 kW to 1 Megawatt in size


•    Most efficient vertical wind turbine in the world and compares with all prop styles
•    The greater efficiency provides a higher capacity factor at like prevailing wind speeds
•    Easier to operate and control in all aspects of operation and shut down procedures
•    Operates in high or gusting wind and icing conditions when prop turbines shut down the net result is a longer period of effective power production
•    Lower profile turbines that appear as buildings, creating less “visual pollution”
•    No bird or bat kills resulting in better support from environmental groups and Government agencies
•    Ease of maintenance and inspections at ground level on all major components as opposed to 250-300’ in the air at the nacelle or hub height
•    Lower top speed ratio by almost 7 times compared to props reducing speed, vibration, fatigue, static, flex and other load stress profiles
•    Reduced audible distortion (decibel rating) and audible resonance due to lower rotor speed and less cutting action of the turbine blades into the prevailing wind
•    No magnetic field interference at the hub height from the generators therefore no interference with aircraft navigation or telecommunications




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